Protesters Riot in New York Streets Over Immigration Laws

The left-wing’s outrage over President Trump’s immigration policies is nothing new. Since running for office, the president made it very clear that he wouldn’t stand for illegal immigration into the United States. Since being in office, Trump has taken steps to crack down on illegal immigration and foster merit-based, lawful entry into the United States. These are measures which members of the Democrat Party have taken issue with and predictably so.

Democrats have a variety of personal and political reasons which motivate them to support illegal immigration. Sometimes, the party simply needs the extra votes; in other cases, they believe that tough circumstances in other parts of the world entitle migrants to illegally come across the Southern border. Nevertheless, the Trump administration isn’t having it. Yesterday evening, organized protesters took to the Grand Central Terminal in New York in order to express their outrage, according to Fox News.

Everything You Need to Know about the New York Protests

Last night’s protests were specifically organized by the leftist nonprofit group Rise and Resist NYC. The group formed after the election of President Trump and takes issue with the enforcement of legal immigration. Rise and Resist NYC furthermore continues to push the inaccurate narrative that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and Border Patrol agents are “terrorizing immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.”

What Rise and Resist NYC likely didn’t expect last night was counterprotesters, but that’s exactly what they got. Americans who support President Trump and the enforcement of legal immigration also appeared on the streets of New York. These protesters held up pro-Trump signs and noted that congressional Democrats have failed to provide the necessary funding to address significant plights at the Southern border.

Roughly 300 individuals engaged in yesterday’s protests; none of the individuals on either side were arrested.

Legal Immigration into the United States

Regardless of actions from left-wing protesters and groups, ensuring that immigration is legal and merit-based is absolutely imperative. The United States reserves the right to uphold our immigration laws; furthermore, sneaking across the border is not an acceptable method of seeking asylum.

There are specific ports of entry which migrants can go to, if they are truly seeking asylum; there are also many countries that migrants pass by on their way to the United States, places where they could find asylum.

If these progressive groups are truly upset about the state of events at the Southern border, perhaps they should direct their frustrations towards congressional Democrats who have ongoingly refused to work with the president. However, the left won’t do this because they care more about being angry towards Trump than really trying to make a difference on matters they profess to care about.

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