Protesters Rally Against COVID Vaccine Mandates in New York City

Backlash against COVID vaccine mandates isn’t ending any time soon. So long as leaders continue working to force the shot on people, the more folks will stand up, refuse, and actively make known their issues with these type of mandates.

Right now, Americans are not taking too kindly to this agenda of making things increasingly more difficult for the unvaccinated in order to railroad them into getting jabbed. In fact, we’re seeing staffing shortages on the rise as more and more workers quit over COVID vaccine mandates from their employers.

Since the inception of the COVID vaccine’s rollouts, there were always concerns about the government attempting to force this shot on people. This is now happening in real time and more folks are standing up and deciding that enough is enough.

Just yesterday, hundreds of protesters rallied in New York City against COVID vaccine mandates, as documented by Fox News.

The Times Square Demonstration Against COVID Vaccine Mandates

On Saturday, protesters rallied at Times Square to push back against COVID vaccine mandates. Right now, in New York City, a vaccine passport program is in effect. This vaccine passport program bars unvaccinated individuals from entering bars, restaurants, fitness centers, etc.

Some business owners in the Empire State are pushing back against this; however, New York City (and New York) remains a very leftist community. It’s been under Democrat control for quite some time. As Americans know all too well, Democrats are extremely eager to force these strict mandates down people’s throats.

At Times Square yesterday, demonstrators held up signs calling for freedom and medical freedom. They also chanted “f*ck Joe Biden” and “my body, my choice.” The Times Square protest against vaccine mandates also came as part of a series of collective demonstrations against COVID vaccine mandates across the world.

More people everywhere are getting sick of this. It continues to be apparent that these coronavirus vaccine mandates are not about health, but about controlling people and forcing medical procedures upon them. It has to come to an end.

Growing Backlash Against COVID Vaccine Mandates

When people are pushed far enough, they eventually push back. Governments went from trying to bribe people into getting the vaccine to now telling them they can’t work or get service without the vaccine.

This comes on top of Democrats in the United States working to force people’s children to wear masks in schools all day, even without parental consent. Enough is enough. If this type of government overreach and tyranny isn’t shut down, there’s absolutely no telling what will come next.

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