Protesters Mowed Down Outside of ICE Facility

Over the course of this year, progressives have taken their hatred and demonization of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to new levels. It’s very clear to anyone who is paying attention that the Democrat Party is now the party of illegal immigration; there is no denying this when left-wing presidential candidates are calling to decriminalize unlawful border crossings.

If progressives got their way, ICE would end tomorrow and anyone would be able to waltz across the border without being vetted; thankfully, however, progressives aren’t calling any shots.

Earlier this week, the left-wing learned that they’re not the only ones who can be nasty. On Wednesday night, protesters traveled to the Wyatt Detention Center in Rhode Island where illegal immigrants are held in custody. The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that protests reached intense levels after a driver blew their horn and then drove into the crowd.

What Happened?

Protesters did what they typically do which is stand outside, make a scene, and hold up ridiculous signs. As time went on, the protesters upped the ante by intentionally blocking the pathway used by staff members of the Wyatt Detention Center. That wasn’t a good idea becuse shortly thereafter, an unknown driver and reported staffer for the facility appeared outside in a black truck.

The driver moved up to the crowd and blew the truck horn, signaling the individuals to move. Foolishly, the protesters decided to continue blocking the pathway to the staff parking lot. If this is what the crowd thought would make their point, they were sadly mistaken.

The undeterred driver then proceeded to simply plow through the protesters in order to reach the intended designation. Immediately afterwards, corrections officers appeared on the scene and physically removed protesters who still refused to leave.

For Every Action…

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For quite some time now, these progressive protesters have gotten bolder in their actions; this isn’t the first time which leftists have been known to block traffic and otherwise cause a scene.

Despite the narrative coming from the Democrat Party, the individuals outside of the Wyatt Detention Center were not peaceful or civil. If the left continues employing violence and aggression against their political opposition, they’re going to be having a lot more tough experiences from folks who are fed up and not afraid to fight back.

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