Protesters Confront Biden Over Obama-Era Deportations

Conservatives and Trump supporters have been on the receiving end of progressive ire for quite some time. Democrats and other leftists have recently decided that enforcing legal immigration is reprehensible, for some odd reason. They’ve been quick to lament about how terrible deportations are, despite the inherent criminality which comes along with sneaking into the United States. However, as many right-wingers have pointed out, President Trump is not the first commander-in-chief to deport illegal immigrants.

Millions of illegal immigrants were deported under the Obama administration. This is a reality which is now coming back to haunt Democrats as they continue to point the finger at President Trump. On Friday, Joe Biden was confronted by protesters in New Hampshire over Obama-era deportations. During the incident with protesters, Biden was hosting a campaign event and rallying with supporters, as documented by Fox News.

What Happened in New Hampshire?

On Friday, Biden spent time in Dover, New Hampshire and delivered a speech. The former vice president talked about what it’s like to be a frontrunner and the heat which he is facing from the progressive wing of the Democrat Party. Of course, Biden also managed to get a few cheap shots in at Trump, making jabs about the manner in which the president handles foreign policy and relationships with world leaders.

Things started to go left when protesters appeared at Biden’s event. “Apologize now” chants and signs reading “Biden we haven’t forgotten 3 million deportations” accompanied these protesters. The former vice president continued shaking hands and taking pictures with supporters. Although Biden briefly tried to engage with the protesters, it didn’t go over too well for him.

Progressive Outrage over Deportations

Progressives might do well to dial back the rage over the deportations of illegal immigrants. The reality is that Trump is not the first president to remove individuals who unlawfully entered the nation. If Democrats truly want to continue the narrative that deporting illegals is unfair, then they’re going to have to address the deportations which happened under the Obama administration as well.

Logic and consistency are certainly not a strong suit of the left; for these reasons alone, they will probably continue to kick and scream about the deportations of illegal immigrants. This pattern will especially persist in light of the ICE raids which are scheduled to commence tomorrow.

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