Proof Hillary Clinton Manipulated the 2016 Presidential Election

On Monday earlier this week, the FBI and Justice Department’s scheme to manipulate the presidential election in 2016 was revealed by special counsel John Durham.

Report Published

His 316-page study demonstrates how the Trump campaign was persecuted, while the Hillary Clinton campaign was protected by the federal government.

However, the majority of media outlets are dismissing the Durham study as a “nothing-burger” regardless of the devastating data.

Hillary Clinton has frequently been saved by FBI corruption. While Hillary was secretary of state and stepping up her presidential initiative, the Clinton Foundation hauled in hundreds of millions of dollars from shady overseas donations.

According to the Durham report, top FBI and Justice Department authorities placed constraints on the manner in which the Clinton Foundation investigation was conducted.

This happened so that practically no investigation-related activity proceeded for months prior to the presidential election.

In addition, the FBI seems to have made little or no attempt to probe the Clinton campaign’s alleged accepting of an unlawful political donation.

Hillary Clinton was also spared by prominent FBI personnel who disregarded the law and treated her persistent, ongoing breaches of federal laws as a careless, accidental mistake.

Clinton reportedly agreed to a plan from one of her international affairs advisers to link Trump to Russia.

This was done to divert attention away from her utilization of a personal email server, soon after FBI Director James Comey declared there would be no charges brought against Clinton, based on the Durham report.

Framing Trump

Former President Obama, along with other senior government officials, was told by CIA Director John Brennan about the reported scheme to demonize Trump. This scheme was executed by drumming up an uproar via alleging involvement by Russian security services.

The infamous Steele dossier, which made broad, slanderous claims about Trump, was funded in part by the Clinton campaign.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.