Progressives Turning Against Biden in Record Numbers


Joe Biden hasn’t been doing very well in the almost one year that he’s been the president of the United States.

Biden ran on making America a more unified nation; however, Biden has worsened the divides this nation faces, rather than healing them.

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The 46th president ran upon making COVID vanish; yet, COVID cases (and new variants) have surged under his watch. Biden is now trying to pass the buck and claiming that individual states must tackle the virus he vowed to “shut down.”

It’s a given that conservatives and Republicans are not pleased with Biden. However, progressives are also getting increasingly annoyed with Biden, as Fox News makes note of.

Biden’s Fallout with Progressives

To make a long story short, progressive strategists have essentially reached their level of patience when it comes to the 46th president. Former Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver is also now warning that Biden will likely face primary challengers in the 2024 presidential race.

Another progressive strategist recently described Biden as ineffective, old, and unpopular. They’re also warning this year’s midterms are going to result in the 46th president getting absolutely wiped away.

Another source of frustration that progressives have regarding Biden is his perceived lack of action on climate change. What progressives want Biden to do is announce a “climate emergency” and take various actions to combat climate change as a whole.

Biden’s current failure to pass the Build Back Better Act has also led to progressive outrage. While there’s no denying that progressives are eager to get into the race and challenge Biden, there are mixed thoughts about whether any such challenges would render success.

Too Late for Biden?

At this point in time, it’s becoming readily obvious that Biden is reaching the end of his political line, so to say. He’s quickly running out of allies.

The 46th president is majorly down in the polls with Independents. Meanwhile, he’s alienating progressives, climate change activists, and other core members of his radically left base.

Biden’s already made an enemy of conservatives and Republicans. Throughout his presidency thus far, Biden’s also been losing massive support amongst Independents, a key group of voters that helped get him into the Oval Office last year.

Now, he’s losing the Democrats and hard left for apparently not being effective and radical enough. Any way you look at this situation, it’s a lose-lose scenario for Biden.

By extension, this is also a lose-lose scenario for the Democrat Party. Democrats are led by an increasingly disfavored president who is losing nationwide support across the board and amongst various partisan groups.

What do you think about the fact that progressives are beginning to turn on Joe Biden? We’d love to know your views in the comments field below.