Progressives Pushing Biden Not to Seek Reelection

Joe Biden’s effects on and within the Democrat Party continue to be debated. When Biden first ran for office, many Democrats thought he would bring the party together for years to come.

Though as a result of Biden’s age, gaffes, and the means by which he has gone about leadership in the White House, some Democrats see him as problematic. Others believe that Biden does not truly have the necessary leadership to bring folks together within the party.

While some Democrats have come out in favor of Biden running for another term in 2024, others have been clear in their views that Biden needs to stay away from the next presidential election.

Progressives just so happen to fall into the latter category, as Hot Air reports.

A Clear Message

The progressive wing of the Democrat Party especially sees the current president as someone with the greatest likelihood of losing in 2024.

Therefore, this wing of the party believes a progressive firebrand who operates like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Sen. Bernie Sanders is best suited to lead Democrats. During the middle of last week, RootsAction started a campaign that literally implores the president not to run for office.

According to RootsAction, Democrats can’t risk losing the White House and the power that comes along with it.

Thus far, Joe Biden has been all over the place regarding his intentions for the 2024 presidential election. One moment, Biden says he’s all in and will absolutely be running; though in the next breath, the president alleges he has to wait and see what happens.

Endless Baggage

Should the president decide to pursue a reelection campaign, he will be saddled with the baggage associated with his first term.

America’s foreign policy standing, the economy, the southern border, and confidence in the direction of the nation have each worsened on Biden’s watch.

The president just doesn’t seem to get it. He’s been clear that he won’t change any of the policies that he’s embraced thus far.

This will give whichever Republican ends up running against Biden tons of ammunition. The president’s approval ratings are also in the doldrums with Independents, a demographic that’s becoming increasingly more relevant in politics these days.

It’s very possible that RootsAction can see the writing on the wall and wants a Democratic nominee who can win over centrists, moderates, swing voters, and undecideds. Then, again, staunch progressive policies have a tendency to be polarizing as well.

What do you think about Joe Biden facing pressure within his own party not to run for a second term? Do you believe the push from RootsAction will impact the decision Joe Biden chooses to make? In the comments area below, please feel free to let us know.