Progressives BEAT New Jersey Man for Wearing MAGA Hat

Since the Trump presidency, Democrats have taken it upon themselves to openly lash out at anyone who is supportive of the present administration. Leaders within the Democrat Party have a hand in creating this climate, seeing as they often dehumanize the president and Americans who agree with him.

In turn, this type of climate leaves everyday progressives to believe that harassing and attacking Trump supporters in public is acceptable. Republicans and members of the Trump administration have made headlines over the past few years for the poor treatment which they’ve received from public rioters.

The unfortunate causalities of political violence continue to be Americans who support Trump. According to Breitbart News, a man from New Jersey was recently beaten very badly and even left with a black eye…all for wearing a red, Make America Great Again cap. Beating up Trump supporters is not doing the Democrats any favors; their failure to realize this is so very tragic.

Everything You Need to Know

The incident in question took place in New York City earlier this week on Tuesday night. Art gallery owner Jahangir Turan, 42, informed authorities that he experienced a brutal beating merely for sporting a Make America Great Again cap which he bought from Trump Tower. Turan stated that he was simply minding his own business when the attackers descended upon him.

His verbal account of precisely what happened reads as follows:

“One girl flipped my hat, and then within five, eight seconds, I got pushed from the back and my face hit the scaffolding pole. That’s kind of ridiculous, to get beat up like this for wearing a hat. I wanted to put it on my TV stand. I had no intentions of wearing it in New York City, because it’s dangerous to wear a hat like this in New York City.”

Turan also noted that his beating resulted in a fractured cheekbone. During the time of the incident, attackers shouted anti-Trump rhetoric and authorities in New York have yet to make any arrests or announce new leads. According to law enforcement officers, Turan declined medical assistance when it was offered.

The Silence from the Mainstream Media

The mainstream media’s silence on what happened to Jahangir Turan is absolutely deafening. Of course, if the roles were reversed, if Trump supporters were to beat up someone for wearing a progressive-themed cap, the media would never let America hear the end of it. Ultimately, Democrats and leftist media don’t report cases where Trump supporters are mistreated, harassed, and assaulted because it goes against the narrative.

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