Progressive Student Groups Condemn Columbia Law School’s Endorsement of Justice Kavanaugh

As members of Columbia Law School’s Federalist Society posed for a photo with Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh in Washington, D.C., leftist student organizations reacted negatively.


At least nine leftist student groups denounced the incident and urged other students to protest, according to emails acquired by Fox News Digital.

The image was shared on the school’s official Instagram account, highlighting the visit as a chance for students to learn from Justice Kavanaugh’s work and viewpoints.

Nevertheless, many progressive organizations disapproved of Kavanaugh, who they claimed was “credibly accused” of sexual assault, and boycotted formal festivities for students with admission.

The National Lawyers Guild at the school alleged the institution “mainstreamed white supremacist, patriarchal aggression in the law, legal school, and the daily fabric of American society.”

The school’s support of Kavanaugh was denounced by Empowering Women of Color (EWOC), who called it “a dangerous seal of approval.”

Kavanaugh “clearly displays a threat to racial fairness and hard-won civil rights gains,” according to the Latinx Law Students Association. The Columbia Law Women’s Association urged that the institution take down the message and apologize.

‘Credibly Accused’

According to the leftist American Constitution Society chapter, Kavanaugh has been “credibly accused by many women of sexual assault” and is a “radical jurist.”

The Columbia Human Rights Law Review also charged Kavanaugh with sexual assault and connected a swastika-drawing event that happened in a restroom to its Kavanaugh piece.

Although Kavanaugh’s conservatism was not contested, the Columbia Law School Democrats denounced his “personal behavior.”

None of the student groups mentioned Kavanaugh had also been the victim of attempted murder and demonstrations outside his Maryland home. This came after his involvement in the Dobbs decision, which eliminated the acknowledgment of a constitutional right to an abortion.

Requests for comments have been made, but Columbia Law School didn’t reply immediately.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.