Professor who Exposed 'Biased Academic Left with Fake Studies' in Trouble with His College

Peter Boghossian, a professor at Portland State University, is currently in hot water along with two other instructors, according to The Blaze. The trouble comes as a result of the trio’s promotion of phony “grievance studies.” By their own admission, the three academics did this in order to combat the “biased academic left.”

A Closer Look at What Happened

In essence, Boghossian and his associates breached the university’s policies by knowingly putting out false information. However, according to Boghossian, the “grievance studies” were published in order to prove a point.
His public statement on the matter reads as follows:

“PSU, like many college campuses, is becoming an ideological community and I’ve demonstrated that I don’t fit the mold. I truly hope the administration puts its institutional weight behind the pursuit of truth but I’ve been given no indication that’s what they intend to do.”

At this time, Boghossian’s future at Portland State University is currently unclear. The actions against him began in December, shortly after the institution became aware of the hoax documentation.
Similarly to Boghassian, Portland State University also released their own public statement.

“Like most universities, PSU adheres to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, which includes policies on research misconduct. The CFR requires that research institutions establish uniform policies and procedures for investigating and reporting alleged misconduct in science. The review process is extensive and detailed. It is confidential to protect the reputation of individuals involved.”

The project of Boghassian and his associates involved talk about “experiential reparations,” the coverage of “rape culture,” and more. The three academics were able to go on for so long without initially getting caught due to their papers’ congruence with “journalistic scholarship.”
At this time, the false data which was put out is attracting a lot of criticism.
What are your thoughts on the papers published by Boghossian and his associates? Should they still be employed by Portland State University? Let us know in the comments section below.
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