Printing Company Sends Out Voter Registration Forms Designating All Nassau County Voters as Democrats

Yet again, an upstate printer messed up downstate materials for elections by shipping registration forms to over one million voters in Nassau County. This ended up designating each and every one of them as Democrats.

Huge Mistake

At a news conference on Tuesday, GOP County Executive Bruce Blakeman railed over the misinformation. He said it is a big mistake. According to him, people are outraged; they are unhappy.

As per the state Board of Election figures from February, there are 972,000 registered voters in the county, with around 40% of them being Democrats.

Blakeman disqualified partisanship as a possible reason for the error, but he added the county is looking into what actually transpired.

The Rochester-based Phoenix Graphics error that occurred this week follows two years after the business erroneously misplaced absentee ballots for 100,000 Brooklyn residents prior to the 2020 election.

This caused an outcry from voters who were uncertain about the validity of their votes. Nearly 800 voters in Nassau County also got false votes as a result of the error.

According to Democratic County Election Commissioner Jim Scheuerman, Phoenix will now shell out the nearly $300,000 required to issue each Nassau voter a new registration card with the appropriate information on it.

Scheuerman sarcastically referred to the mess by saying this is exactly why he gets out of bed every morning.

When questioned by The Post as to why government organizations ought to ever trust Phoenix another time, an organization spokesman responded in a statement.

The spokesman said Phoenix Graphics effectively and successfully provided service to millions of voters throughout the United States, mistake-free.

However, if an error happens, Phoenix Graphics recognizes it and takes steps to make it right at no expense to the taxpayers or to the reliability of the democratic procedure.

Business Apologizes

The business said the information about the polling place was accurate on the cards and cited human mistakes as the cause of the most recent separate incident.

He said, shortly after it was revealed, they moved right away to make things right.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.