Pressure Growing on Biden Administration Amid Hidden Documents Scandal

By this point, Americans are well aware that Joe Biden has been found to have a series of sensitive documents not just in his home, but also in one of his old workplaces. After all, the Penn Biden Center was searched as authorities tried to find the classified records.

This year, the White House has been full of excuses when it comes to actually addressing this scandal and why the president is in the middle of it.

Nevertheless, it all opened the door for Republicans to ask some serious questions and place pressure on Biden. This is very much likely to continue, as MSN has since pointed out.

Just Getting Started

GOP lawmaker James Comer has warned about the implication of Biden being in possession of these documents. Specifically, Comer points out that the president’s family could have used sensitive information in order to cut deals or otherwise partake in dirty politics.

Likewise, the Republicans stressed that if anyone in the current president’s family viewed these documents while they were in his possession, that’s in violation of the law. The same goes for if anyone in the Biden family weaponized information within sensitive records for the purpose of enriching themselves.

At the same time, both the White House and Justice Department are being blasted for their lack of complete honesty. The Biden administration alleged last month that the probe into Biden for classified records had come to an end; though this was not accurate.

Furthermore, the Biden administration won’t go into details about how the documents arrived at the now-president’s residence and why they were found there.

More Issues of Concern?

Last month, the country learned about the November 2022 search of the Biden Penn Center. This, naturally, is information that the White House declined to be honest or forthcoming about.

As a matter of fact, during the end of last year, the administration neglected to mention the search by the authorities altogether. It’s only just recently come out as a result of federal officials pressing for access to sensitive materials found in Biden’s possession.

While these developments surface, some conservatives have stated FBI officials should raid Hunter Biden’s home and workplaces as well. Concerns exist that Hunter could have some sensitive records in his own possession and/or have used these materials in order to enrich himself.

Although this isn’t confirmed, it certainly remains very plausible. It certainly wouldn’t mark the first son’s first time of being at odds with the law.

What do you make of the latest developments pertaining to Joe Biden’s hidden documents scandal? Do you believe the federal government is covering up different aspects of this investigation? You’re welcome to let us know in the comments area below.