President Trump's State Of The Union Was A Grand Slam

President Trump absolutely knocked the State of the Union address out of the park last night, as cited by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing the State of the Union Address

There were many notable aspects of the president’s address. First and foremost came his calls for bipartisanship in America. At a time where the people of this country are so divided, both in Congress and in the civilian world, urging Americans to come together was more than appropriate. Far too often, people revert to the mentality of viewing anyone who disagrees with them as the enemy. That’s not good for progress and it’s definitely not good for America.
President Trump also touched upon foreign policy, immigration, criminal justice reform, the economy, and more. Since his time in office, Trump has made great strides in each of these areas. He noted progress with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the ongoing fight for the border wall, the bipartisan support for prison reform, increases in American jobs/wages, and more.
All in all, the president’s State of the Union was uplifting, unifying, and inspirational.

Responses to the State of the Union Address

Americans who are supportive of the president overwhelmingly loved the address. Democrats, by contrast, along with other critics of Trump, pulled sour faces and refused to clap on multiple occasions. The State of the Union address came exactly 10 days before the expiration of the legislation which is currently keeping government open.
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