Portland Police Report Major Business Loss Amid Riots

"Riot" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by jospeee

For virtually all of last month, riots ravaged the streets of America.
Buildings were set ablaze, businesses were looted, and countless amounts of vandalism and destruction took place. Perpetrators and defenders of this destruction claimed that such actions were justified; they used “racism” and “white supremacy” as reasons for setting communities on fire.

Critics of the aforementioned behavior warned of damages to come. Loss to businesses, destruction of communities where people have to live, and negative impacts on vulnerable individuals were just a few examples.
Now, police officials from Portland, Oregon are reporting that community businesses suffered $23 million dollars in losses since the unspeakable violence, confirms Breitbart News.

The Plight of Portland Business Owners

To say that business owners in Portland are currently hurting would be a massive understatement.
Chris Davis, the deputy chief of the Portland Police Bureau, stated that losses and damages inflicted upon the community are “unprecedented.” Davis also went on to note that “focused” acts of lawlessness and “intensity of violence” have shaken the community to its core.

Additional information from the deputy chief furthermore confirms that the acts of violence have actually overshadowed what demonstrators profess to be fighting for. According to Davis, “systemic change” is no longer the focus as federal courthouses, police officers, and others recuperate from onslaughts.
Already, several individuals in Oregon have faced legal apprehension and charges for destroying property and attacking individuals. Rioters who set flames to a police precinct in the North Portland area also presently face criminal charges at a state level.

Growing Attacks on Portland Police

As calls to defund the police make headway in certain political circles, Portland police officers are at serious risk. Fireworks, lasers, and other dangerous devices have been aimed and thrown at police officers.
As the law enforcement community attempts to shield businesses in the Portland area, this has placed an even greater target on their backs. The work of police officers is critical across the nation; however, some officers are quitting and turning in their badges as morale among law enforcement reaches all-time lows.

Suffice it to say, attacks on the law enforcement community and communities at large are having serious consequences. This is why so many Americans vehemently oppose lawlessness in addition to calls to defund police.
Do you share concerns about what is happening in Portland, Oregon? What do you think about the unspeakable attacks against police officers and businesses in the community? Let us know down below in the comments section.