Poll: Texas Seems Well-positioned to Stay Red

In November, Beto O’Rourke, a Texas Democrat with a strong track record of not winning elections, announced his choice to run for the state’s governorship. O’Rourke wants the job of current Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

However, the Lone Star State hasn’t put a Democrat into their governor’s mansion since the year of 1994. There’s been some talk about Texas getting purple and less red; however, this is debatable.

During the 2020 presidential election, Democrats worked mightily to ensure the state flipped blue and went into Biden’s column. Yet, Trump still picked up the Lone Star State.

Now, a brand new poll seems to indicate Texas is going to remain red, as documented by Fox News.

The Latest on the Texas Governor’s Election

This week, Quinnipiac University put out a poll tracking the various metrics of Abbott and O’Rourke. At this juncture, these could ultimately be the candidate choices Texans have in 2022.

According to the poll, Abbott is ahead of O’Rourke by 15%. Meanwhile, when the poll only tracks Independent voters in Texas, Abbott additionally enjoys a 10% lead. As more Americans are learning, the Independent vote is no joke; it literally has the power to make or break elections for candidates.

Fewer than four in ten Texas voters favor Beto O’Rourke. However, Governor Abbott enjoys an approval rating of 53%.

On a series of policy matters from the southern border, to abortion, gun rights, and more, Texans conveyed to the pollster that more people than not believe Abbott will do a more satisfactory job than O’Rourke.

Several weeks ago, a Texas Tribune poll showed Governor Abbott ahead of O’Rourke by only nine points. Therefore, this shows as time passes, more Texas residents are choosing the governor they have over the Democrat who wants the job.

The Bigger Picture in Texas

Despite the leftist fantasy of flipping Texas from a red state into California 2.0, the numbers from this poll speak volumes. When it comes down to it, most Texas residents are going with Abbott over O’Rourke.

By O’Rourke choosing to stick with radically left measures, he’s isolated himself from countless voters in the Lone Star State. Even as the Texas Democrat runs his gubernatorial campaign, he appears oblivious to the reality that votes from woke progressives alone are not enough.

As things currently stand, the most likely outcome for the Texas 2022 gubernatorial election is for Greg Abbott to ultimately succeed in securing a third term. It also wouldn’t be the first time O’Rourke lost an election.

What do you think about the latest survey from Quinnipiac University regarding the Texas gubernatorial election? Do you believe the current Republican governor of the Lone Star State will secure re-election? We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments area.