Poll: Most Voters View Biden Administration as Incompetent


It doesn’t take rocket science to observe what’s happening in the U.S. federal government and realize that something isn’t right.

Right now, President Biden is sicking the Justice Department on parents who complain about things like critical race theory and COVID mandates to the school boards overseeing their kids’ education.

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Meanwhile, the Biden administration is trying to con the American public into believing that a spending bill to the tune of $3.5 trillion will somehow cost the nation absolutely not a penny.

It’s no wonder that a majority of Independent voters now disapprove of Biden. Now, a fresh poll shows the majority of the country believes the Biden administration is utterly incompetent, as Breitbart News confirms.

America’s View, According to Quinnipiac University

According to the poll run by Quinnipiac University, 55% stated the Biden administration is incompetent when it comes to handling the U.S. government. Meanwhile, merely 42% opined the Biden administration maintains competence.

These numbers are very telling. They are also in alignment with the surging disapproval and declining approval of this president. 13% of Democrats, 62% of Independents, and 94% of Republicans are in agreement that the current administration is an incompetent one.

In keeping with this, polling analyst Tim Malloy notes that President Biden is currently facing a “downward slide” that rivals certain criticisms former President Trump faced during his time in the White House.

Malloy also noted the “hammering” of the current president is not just coming from Republicans and conservatives, but from “all sides” of the political spectrum. The bottom line is that data shown by Quinnipiac University isn’t something the president or his administration can hide from.

An Increasing Pile of Crises

The pile of crises currently facing the United States just keeps on mounting with no solutions in sight. The economy, southern border, education of America’s children, and so much more remains in crisis.

Biden bears responsibility for each of the aforementioned crises and others. However, instead of finding solutions, this president is only interested in assigning blame. This utter divisiveness and total lack of accountability are just terrible for the country.

If previous patterns with polls are any indication, future polls to come will likely have even more Americans citing the Biden administration as incompetent. This is not a tough argument to make when you observe all that’s happening in America and the decisions made by the White House.

Hopefully, this increasing pile of crises will not bring complete ruin to the United States. Time will end up being the ultimate judge of that.

Do you believe the Biden administration is an incompetent one? What do you think about the decisions Biden is making as president? We’re excited to get your feedback, reactions, and thoughts in the comments section below.