POLL: Most Americans See Biden as a Polarizing President

Joe Biden has broken just about every single promise he made when he was still a candidate during the 2020 White House race.

Biden stated he would not mandate COVID vaccines. He lied about this; right now, the Supreme Court is in the middle of hearing the legal pushback against Biden’s vaccination edicts.

During 2020, Biden also claimed he would beat COVID. This, too, was a falsehood. The virus has surged like never before on Biden’s watch and multiple new variant mutations are here.

This week, a Quinnipiac University survey confirmed that Biden’s approval rating is now at 33%. However, according to Newsmax,  yet another poll has come out that signals trouble for the 46th president.

The Latest Poll from Politico

Across the board, Biden’s strongest support is amongst the Democrat Party; however, even amongst his own base, the 46th president has been skating on thin ice.

Many progressives are not happy with Biden for failing to pass climate change initiatives and wipe away trillions of dollars of student loan debt.

Meanwhile, as Biden barely treads water with his own base, he’s completely underwater with not just Republicans, but also Independents.

At this time, 84% of GOP voters and 53% of Independents are of the view that Biden’s presidency is a divisive one. At the same time, about two-thirds of Americans agree the United States is not on the proper path.

Currently, 54% of the country is too of the belief that the economy has not been properly handled by the 46th president. This makes sense, seeing as Biden has done absolutely nothing to get control of rising prices and overall inflation.

Can Biden be Impeached?

Many Republicans believe that Biden’s negligence of the southern border and his botched pullout from Afghanistan are grounds for him to be impeached.

At this time, with Democrats controlling Congress, it is pretty much a given that Biden won’t be looking at impeachment articles being brought against him.

With that being said, if Republicans do take back control of Congress, then the 46th president could very well be looking at impeachment. Sen. Ted Cruz has stated as much, citing Biden’s inaction on the border and his mangled handling of Afghanistan.

If Biden gets impeached and convicted, then this will mean Harris becomes the president. Many Americans are questioning whether or not this would really put the nation in any better of a position.

However, there’s no denying that the type of leadership coming from the 46th president is not sustainable, nor is it for the good of the United States.

Do you agree with the majority of Americans who perceive Joe Biden as a polarizing president? Let us know below in the comments area whether Republicans should impeach Biden if they regain control of Congress.