Poll: Most Americans Lack Confidence in Biden’s Mental Fitness

On a consistent basis, the president’s mental state is being called into question. This is due to Joe Biden’s tendency to make missteps that the ordinary individual wouldn’t make.

Some examples include forgetting his train of thought mid-speech, publicly asking the whereabouts of a deceased congresswoman (whom he personally acknowledged as having died before), and seeming to wander off aimlessly.

It’s no secret that any person serving as president of the United States needs to be of sound mind. Unfortunately, Biden’s actions continue to show that he doesn’t fit the bill.

New polling is out and it shows a solid majority of Americans have their reservations about how mentally fit Biden truly is, per Breitbart News.

Horrific News For the Biden Administration

According to a survey run by Harvard/Harris, 56% of the American people doubt that Biden is mentally able to be this nation’s president. On the flip side, only 44% of the country deems this president to be mentally sound.

The numbers get even worse for Biden when Americans are polled on his age. A whopping 63% agree the current president is just too old for the job; meanwhile, just 37% claimed Biden is demonstrating mental fitness to be commander-in-chief.

At the same time, 67% of the country agrees Biden should not go after a second term in office. Just one-third of Americans told Harvard/Harris the opposite.

Amid this data, it’s very clear that no matter how the White House tries to spin things, most folks can see the writing on the wall.

A Disaster in Slow Motion

As the state of Florida battles against Hurricane Ian, Biden’s come under fire for claiming a great way residents can prepare for this is by having their COVID vaccines. The president even dared to claim that not being vaccinated amid the hurricane can lead to complications.

This was promptly slammed by the team of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis’ team pointed out that first responders and emergency personnel in the state will continue to be of help to as many individuals as possible, regardless of whether they’re vaccinated against COVID or not.

It’s these kinds of things that make Americans question what’s wrong with Biden and what’s going through his head. When the White House is asked about these sorts of episodes, it does everything possible to spin the story, if not outright lie about what happened.

At this rate, the United States could certainly use a change in who’s running the Oval Office.

Do you feel that Joe Biden has the mental capacity to serve as president? Do you believe he’s just too old for the job? Feel free to unload your thoughts, comments, and feedback on this matter right down below in the comments feed.