Poll: Majority of Voters Support Fewer Taxes, Less Government

"210120-D-WD757-1162" (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Under the Biden administration, the United States is rapidly going in the wrong direction. Inflation and prices are increasing; meanwhile, necessary goods are becoming harder and harder to come upon. 

As all this unfolds, President Biden continues deluding himself into believing that the nation is on the right track. Additionally, the president is arguing that more spending, the elimination of business tax breaks, etc., will improve the country; if there’s one these past few months have shown, it’s that Biden’s policies worsen, rather than improve, America. 

“210120-D-WD757-2704” (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

In recent weeks, Biden’s approval rating has taken some serious hits. Moreover, Breitbart News documents a poll showing that most Americans don’t support the “higher taxes, bigger government” direction that the Biden administration is taking.

New Information from Rasmussen Reports

Towards the end of last week, Rasmussen Reports surveyed the American public on thoughts about taxes, government’s appropriate role, and government’s use of taxpayer funds. The results clearly showed a very opposite reality of the one that President Biden wants to convince Americans of. 

Per the aforementioned survey, 55% of the country is supportive of lower taxes and a small government that grants fewer services. Only 37% said they backed higher taxes and a bigger government that grants more services. 

Clearly, Republican and Democrat voters responded very differently. While 78% of Republicans are supportive of a smaller government with lower taxes and less services, 57% of Democrats want more government, more taxes, and more services. 

Across the board, 68% of Americans stated that the government currently does a poor job of spending money collected from taxpayers. 51% of Democrats even conceded to this view, despite their strong support for a bigger government. 

Expectations vs. Reality

The expectations maintained by the vast majority of the United States is very clear.

More than five in ten Americans aren’t supportive of expanding government and hiking taxes; yet, the Biden administration would rather sell the false narrative that they’re widely supported, as opposed to changing their course of action. 

The reality is that Biden’s administration has absolutely no plans to change course. They will continue to push one horrific policy after the other; then, they’ll lie and claim that most Americans are on board with what they’re doing.

Biden’s White House will also continue to ignore the fallout from the various messes they’ve created; the Southern border is a prime example of this. 

What do you think about the latest findings from the Rasmussen Reports survey? Do you think these details will have any impacts on the decisions being made and carried out by the Biden administration? Be sure to let us know your thoughts, expectations, and predictions in the comments section below.