Political Violence Erupts in Washington D.C. Over 2020 Election Disputes

Quite a bit happened in the nation’s capital on Saturday. Starting in the early morning, Trump supporters gathered in Washington D.C. as a show of solidarity for the 45th president.
The Stop the Steal demonstrations were comprised of individuals donning Trump flags, Trump apparel, and other right-wing signage. Supporters of the president were also joined by conservative speakers who discussed the current election and what it means for the country.

“Washington DC 007” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Bevis Chin

Prior to the event, online warnings surfaced about the potential for violence. According to Breitbart News, political violence did break out as members of Antifa and the Proud Boys faced off against one another.

Coming to Blows in Washington D.C.

Multiple fights ensued yesterday in the nation’s capital as Antifa demonstrators and Proud Boys demonstrators gathered. Both sides vehemently oppose the other and it didn’t take long for these gatherings to become physical.

Law enforcement had to intervene to minimize the violence breaking out; unfortunately, however, multiple individuals were stabbed, taken to hospitals for medical care, while others were arrested. On Saturday afternoon and evening, videos appeared on various social media sites, showing the extent of chaos in D.C. last night.

A Pattern of Political Violence

Multiple rallies in support of President Trump have taken place since November 3. After virtually every single event, Antifa and other leftist agitators have taken it upon themselves to cause disturbances.
These disturbances include attacking Trump supporters who are departing from these rallies and intentionally stirring up trouble. Antifa’s latest standoff against the Proud Boys in D.C. yesterday shows that tensions are escalating on both sides.

Many folks on the right have decided that it’s time to fight back against Antifa and others who take it upon themselves to target pro-Trump Americans.
The public reacted to online videos of chaos and violence with a sense of dismay. The reality of stabbings and shootings yesterday also marks an escalation in violence at political events. Furthermore, emotions are high and even some of the police officers who tried to keep the violence at bay on Saturday wound up sustaining injuries.
As the 2020 presidential election remains heavily contested, there’s a strong likelihood of more political events and demonstrations in the near future.
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