Political Division: Dangerous Times Ahead For Americans

Political polarization is likely to increase significantly in the United States in 2023.

Nearly 54% of American voters believe political divisions will only intensify next year since Democrats control the Senate and the White House, while Republicans have a majority in the House of Representatives.

Political Tensions Rise in the United States

The latest poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows a grim picture of the United States in the years ahead.

According to the polls, only 26% of Americans suggest that US politics will be cooperative in the next year, while 20% noted they are uncertain about the changing political situation.

Republicans are worried about the partisan political situation of the country more than Democrats. Almost 62% of Republicans claimed American politics would become more divisive, while 44% of Democrats suggested the same.

Likewise, 24% of Republicans believed politics would be more cooperative moving forward, while 31% of Democrats opined along the same lines. Meanwhile, 62% of Independent voters also claimed American politics are heading towards a more polarized nature.

Furthermore, 50% of Americans established the country would be more divided in years to come, compared to only 15% who suggested otherwise.

Previously, many Americans have also expressed their concerns about a possible civil war in America, due to the rising political polarization.


In an August poll, more than 40% of Americans suggested the United States can head towards a possible civil war in the next ten years since political tensions are increasing in the country.

Dems’ Hate Speech Fuels Political Divisions

The first two years of Biden’s presidency focused on eliminating internal infighting of Democrats.

Since the beginning of Biden’s tenure, he has been facing resistance from the progressive wing of the Democrat Party. However, for the next two years, Biden will face a stronger challenge, i.e., to work with a House controlled by conservative lawmakers.

People are pessimistic about the outlook of the country, due to the rising political differences between both parties.

Now, when former President Trump is running for the 2024 presidential election, Democrats are expected to target him consistently in their speeches, which would only worsen already polarized politics.

Even before the midterm elections, Biden chided Republican lawmakers in his election campaign. Biden fueled political tensions in the United States by claiming MAGA Republicans are a threat to democracy in the United States since they defy election results.

Democrats’ reliance on hate speech against conservative Republicans is one of the primary reasons behind the bleak social outlook of America.

Reportedly, Democrats’ attempts to initiate congressional investigations against former President Trump offended many Republicans.

Senator Lindsey Graham even suggested American streets can see riots if House Democrats try to prosecute Trump.

One report even suggested Biden met privately with historians who warned the president that current times are reminiscent of pre-Civil War and World War II times.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.