Police Snatch Kids after Mother Disregards Doctors Orders

The perils of big, obtrusive government continue to rear their ugly heads. Those who support government involvement in the daily lives of citizens ought to be very careful what they wish for.

Everything You Need to Know

In Chandler, Arizona, a mother’s three children were taken away from by the police when one of her kids came down with a fever last month. The mother decided to take her son to see the doctor, who in turn advised her to go to the emergency room. However, shortly after the appointment with the doctor, the boy began laughing, playing with the other kids and his temperature even dropped from the fever.
This, in turn, prompted the mother to contact the doctor and inform that her child’s health had improved and that a visit to the emergency room wasn’t necessary. She also had concerns about whether or not she could face any issues since her child is not vaccinated. The vaccine argument remains an ongoing issue in America as people debate whether or not medical choice or forced injections is the right path.
The woman’s doctor told her that she wouldn’t face any issues with her son not being vaccinated. For some reason, the mother then stated that she would take her son to the emergency room. Apparently, this never happened and three hours later, SWAT officers tore down the family’s door and took the three children away from their parents before placing them in different foster care homes.
Neither the mother or father was arrested. However, they were mandated to being psychologically evaluated and finish a “family reunification plan” prior to having the chance to get their children back.

The Perils of Big Government

The aforementioned incident is an example of just how dangerous big government is and why people should be very careful about what they are supportive of and wishful for. Government was always designed to be of service to the people, not the other way around. In this situation, the police were wrong and they’re currently facing deserved scrutiny for the incident.
GOP State Rep. Kelly Townsend spoke about the terrible ordeal:

“At that point who now owns control over the child? And it seems like we’ve given that now to the doctor and the parent no longer has the say or they risk the SWAT team taking all of your children and potentially the newborn.”

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