Plane Crashes Into California Home Killing 5 People

In a bizarre turn of events, a plane has crashed into a home near Los Angeles, California and thereby caused the deaths of five individuals; The Daily Caller News Foundation reports.

What Happened?

The unfortunate plane crash occurred near Los Angeles, California on Sunday, February 3, 2019.  An unnamed man was flying the plane when it collided with the home. The pilot died, as did two men and two women who happened to be inside of the home during the crash. Two separate individuals sustained injuries, although they were thankfully able to be taken to the hospital to receive medical care.
At this time, the cause behind the crash has yet to be reported. The state of the pilot and other factors which could have prompted the collision also remains unknown. However, the Federal Aviation Administration has identified the plane as a twin-engine Cessna 414A model. Prior to the crash, the plane departed from Fullerton Municipal Airport.
Although the incident is still under investigation, eyewitnesses have provided their accounts of what happened:

“[I]t felt like a bomb went off through the front of the house. One of the first things I did when I saw the damage was get on my knees and thank God. Talk about being spared.”

Another individual who bore witness expressed shock at the fact that something of that nature could take place:

“I would never expect anything like this to happen here.”

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