Pete Buttigieg Confirmed as Transportation Secretary for Biden Administration

"Pete Buttigieg" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The Biden administration is wasting absolutely no time in ushering in new members. Despite the Democrat president’s fancy words on unity and reigniting bipartisanship, Biden’s cabinet members are each individuals who will work to advance his radical socialist agenda.

“Pete Buttigieg” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Thus far, the Biden administration has faced growing criticism. Putting the nation back into the Paris Climate Accord killed tens of thousands of jobs, as did Biden’s decision to remove the permit for Keystone XL pipeline construction.
Yesterday, the Senate officially confirmed former 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg as the 19th Transportation Secretary of the United States, Breitbart News confirms.

What to Know About Buttigieg’s Confirmation

Prior to Buttigieg’s Senate confirmation, he was questioned at length about his policies. In a viral exchange, Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican, asked Buttigieg about the thousands of workers who lost their jobs because of Biden shutting down Keystone XL pipeline; in a nutshell, the now-Transportation Secretary stated that out-of-a-job pipeline workers should just find new employment.

The Democrat-run Senate voted in favor of Buttigieg’s confirmation on Tuesday. Since this vote, Buttigieg is being lauded and celebrated on the left; many left-leaning Americans are also noting that Buttigieg is the first openly LGBTQ+ person to hold the position of Transportation Secretary.
Republicans, on the other hand, have concerns about the policies that Buttigieg will bring to the position of Transportation Secretary. The former South Bend mayor is on record supporting a mileage gas tax, something that would disproportionately impact rural Americans. Likewise, Buttigieg’s commentary on now-jobless Keystone pipeline workers left much to be desired in the eyes of many conservatives.

The U.S. Department of Transportation

Following the Senate’s vote, Buttigieg professed that Tuesday’s outcome “honored and humbled” him; the new Transportation Secretary also declared that he’s ready to get to work.
Republican senators who voted against Buttigieg’s confirmation made their voices heard as well. Sen. Rick Scott of Florida explained that his decision to vote against the former South Bend mayor ultimately boiled down to the latter’s policies.

Scott explained yesterday afternoon that he couldn’t vote in favor of Buttigieg’s support for wasteful spending and raising taxes. The Florida Republican additionally warned that Buttigieg’s policies are only going to hurt small businesses and American opportunity while hiking government mandates.
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