People Are Now Stealing Gas to Avoid High Prices

With prices being higher across the board, many Americans have worked to cut back on certain things. Unfortunately, virtually no one has that luxury when it comes to high gas prices.

Fuel is a critical necessity that Americans require to get themselves to and from work, run important errands, and otherwise transport themselves to where they need to be.

Sadly, the prices of gas are still going up.

Contrary to what the White House wants people to think, this isn’t happening because of any ongoing conflicts in Europe; it’s happening because Biden forced through major spending bills, while also gutting the energy sector as much as possible.

Now, the end result of this is major upticks in people just stealing gas, per The Blaze.

America’s Latest Troubling Trend

Across the country, some thieves have come to the conclusion that they’re better served by stealing fuel from gas stations or individuals’ own vehicles, rather than simply paying the current rates.

In California, Texas, and other states across the country, gas theft is a huge deal. It’s costing gas companies thousands of dollars when they’re already forced to pay higher prices, thanks to Biden’s inflation and anti-energy reforms.

At the same time, individuals are bearing the brunt of gas theft as well. Some folks are having fuel directly taken from their own vehicles, with holes drilled into their gas tanks.

Replacing a gas tank can cost up to $1,000. That’s also not to mention the extra charges victims of gas thieves incur when they have to return to the pump and pay for even more fuel.

No Legitimate Response From the White House

No one from the Biden administration has publicly spoken about gas theft and the impacts this crime is having on the everyday American.

However, Biden is adamant about faulting coronavirus and Putin’s war in Ukraine for today’s gas prices.

As many Americans continue to point out, the timeframes of inflation, higher gas prices, and the war in Ukraine don’t support the narrative Biden is trying to sell.

Many other people don’t appreciate the president passing the buck, rather than taking real and measured action to reduce gas prices and remove the incentives for people to just steal fuel.

Last year, the White House was warned that its anti-energy policies would only bring about problems for the country. Needless to say, the administration did not listen, thus explaining the current energy crisis and growing trend of gas theft.

What are your thoughts about the new uptick in fuel being stolen from gas stations or from people’s own fuel tanks? Do you believe this problem is going to get worse before it gets better?

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