Pentagon Provides Major Update on Chinese Spy Balloon

This month, Americans have gotten wind of a Chinese spy balloon hovering over Montana. News of this caused considerable outrage, with people concerned about China using this to surveil the United States.

It also doesn’t help matters that China has been incredibly hostile to America as both countries compete with one another on the global stage. On top of that, some US lawmakers have found themselves in compromising positions with Chinese spies.

Currently, American government officials have predicted in 2025, our nation could find itself at war with China.

Those who believe this warn that the 2024 presidential election could potentially distract America from getting its ducks in a row to prepare for potential conflict with the communist nation.

However, while that remains to be seen, the US Pentagon just provided the country with a massive update regarding the aforementioned Chinese spy balloon, according to Fox News.

What Every American Should Be Aware Of

According to the Pentagon’s account, the US military used an F-22 Raptor on Saturday afternoon to blast away the Chinese spy balloon. So far, debris from the spy balloon is said to be in the Atlantic Ocean.

Though when these parts will be discovered and removed from the Atlantic Ocean remains to be seen. For some time, US government officials actually held off on downing the spy balloon over fear that particles could crash on the ground and hurt civilians.

Additional reports note that within the next several days, the US Navy is going to send out a salvage vessel into the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite the disturbing nature of a spy balloon from a hostile foreign nation flying over the United States, there is some good news. For starters, the Pentagon confirmed that US officials were able to gather some critical intel while the balloon was in the air.

They’re not releasing this intel to the general public just yet. However, officials confirm that what they stumbled upon turned out to be valuable.

Optics and More

For awhile, the Biden administration was coming under significant fire for its failure to shoot out the Chinese spy balloon. Critics pointed out if the roles were reversed and the US sent a spy drone over China’s airfield, the communist nation would show no hesitation in downing it.

It goes without saying that the optics of holding off while this balloon hovered over the United States was not a good look.

In light of what’s left of the balloon now being in the Atlantic Ocean, it remains to be seen if any other similar surveillance tools from China will magically find their way in our nation’s airspace again.

Do you agree with the Pentagon finally having the Chinese spy balloon shot out of the sky, due to its proximity to our country? You’re invited to let us know in the comments section.