Pennsylvania GOP Wants State Election Results De-certified

"Republican Party debate stage" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The 2020 presidential election continues to deepen partisan divides throughout the country. Right now, most Republicans and Democrats have very different perspectives on the outcome of the still-ongoing White House race; there’s also no indication that this dynamic will change anytime soon.
The majority of GOP members do not believe the 2020 presidential election was fair or free of fraud. Most Republicans and Trump supporters also continue to back the president’s litigation of this election. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Democrats share the polar opposite viewpoints and perspectives.

“ENOUGH.” (Public Domain) by dankeck

Last week, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania certified Joe Biden as their winner. However, Washington Examiner confirms that Pennsylvania Republicans are pushing to have the certification of Biden tossed out, amid fraud allegations.

The Case for Overturning Pennsylvania’s Certification of Biden

26 Pennsylvania GOP officials allege that the certification of Joe Biden as the commonwealth’s election winner should be overturned for a series of reasons; the reasons cited entail compromisations of election laws, voting irregularities, and legislative calls that are unconstitutional.

As such, all of these Republicans have signed a formal resolution calling for the commonwealth to de-certify its election results. In a press release, Pennsylvania House Republicans also declared that “faith in the elections” and “public trust” are both imperative for the electoral process.
Due to the Pennsylvania legislative session’s scheduled ending on Monday, time is very much of the essence here.

Pushback from Pennsylvania Democrats

As to be expected, Democrats in Pennsylvania are doing what they can to counter the work of their GOP colleagues. Democrats in the commonwealth are furthermore rejecting any and all claims of unconstitutional legislative decisions, voting irregularities, etc.
Pennsylvania Democrats also took it upon themselves to label the resolution to de-certify the election results as a “ridiculous farce.” They then proceeded to claim that Republicans in the commonwealth lack evidence; finally, Democrats in Pennsylvania stated the 2020 presidential election is over and that Biden won.

The disposition of Democrats in this commonwealth mirrors left-wing attitudes throughout the nation. Democrats continue to ignore and dismiss any and all reports that indicate fraud, irregularities, and other problems in this election. Republicans, on the other hand, remain committed to seeing this litigation through to the bitter end.
Do you think the commonwealth of Pennsylvania should de-certify its election results? Do you believe that Joe Biden truly won Pennsylvania in the 2020 presidential election? We want to get your take on all this in the comments section down below.