Pelosi’s Role as Speaker Looks Dire Even if Republicans Don’t Take the House

Days ago, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was caught saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in “trouble.”

Schumer’s remarks that Pelosi faces issues is a clear reference to polling and predictions showing Republicans are deeply likely to win the House of Representatives. Naturally, a GOP-led House will not keep Pelosi on as speaker.

However, new information about fractures within the Democrat Party shows that even if Republicans don’t take the House, it’s questionable as to whether or not Pelosi would stay on as speaker.

As documented by Townhall, Pelosi’s speakership in the future looks doomed, no matter how the midterms shake out.

Understanding the Problems Facing Pelosi

Pelosi’s been House Speaker multiple times and across various stints. However, many Democrats in Congress are expressing an interest in having a new leader take the reins.

One top Democrat (who is remaining anonymous for obvious reasons) declared Pelosi “has to go.” Another Democrat who’s been in Congress for quite some time even stated Pelosi doesn’t have the votes to hold onto the House speakership once her current time expires.

Some Democrats, such as Rep. Mikie Sherrill, have gone on record, stating the party needs “new leaders.”

Thus far, Pelosi has not publicly weighed in on the subtle push within her own party for a new House Speaker. She has, however, been using social media to share the latest updates about her work in politics.

Age Limits and Term Limits

Just earlier this month, a poll revealed that many Americans are supportive of age limits being imposed on elected officeholders. The proposed age limit that received the most support was 70.

Naturally, this would eliminate Pelosi, Schumer, and many other lawmakers who’ve been in Congress for decades on end. If term limits were initiated for congressional officeholders, this too would ensure that new blood is regularly elected into the House and Senate.

As House Speaker, Pelosi has been consistently supportive of Biden, making sure his policies pass through the lower chamber and otherwise singing his praises.

Ironically, under Biden’s presidency is when talk about age limits truly began to gain public attention and momentum.

Biden’s tendency to lose his train of thought amid speaking, shake hands with thin air, and otherwise make various gaffes has seriously called his cognitive abilities and overall fitness into question.

If the presidency had a 70-year age limit, this would bar Biden from seeking office and possibly prevent the issues America faces today under his leadership.

What do you think about the issues Pelosi is potentially facing in regards to holding onto the House speakership? In the comments area below, let us know if you believe Pelosi will be able to maintain this position if her party holds onto the House of Representatives.