Pelosi’s $700K Private Jet Spending Despite Leadership Shift

Despite stepping down from her leadership position and advocating for ambitious climate policies, California Representative Nancy Pelosi maintained her penchant for jet-setting, as per a Fox News Digital analysis of campaign finance records.

Pelosi’s High Spending on Private Jets

In March, the campaign of the former Democratic leader spent $43,663.80 on private jet travel through Advanced Aviation, placing her as the top spender on private jets during the first quarter of the year, according to her financial disclosures.

Over recent years, Pelosi has racked up close to $700,000 in charter aircraft expenses, primarily through Advanced Aviation, her long-standing preferred provider.

Located just outside Washington D.C. in Northern Virginia, Advanced Aviation offers a diverse range of aircraft options. Their fleet includes eight-seater turboprop jets for up to three-hour journeys, as well as ultra-long-range 18-seater jets.

The latter boasts a “comprehensive array of onboard amenities and refined finishes” and features a flight attendant for travel durations of up to 16 hours, as described on their website.

Nancy Pelosi relinquished her leadership position in the current Congress to pave the way for a “new generation” to steer the Democratic caucus.

Democratic Committees’ Preference for Luxury Travel

Even during her tenure as Democratic leader, Pelosi’s spending on private jets was substantial.

In the 2022 election cycle, her campaign disbursed an impressive $349,563 on charter aircraft, which included $51,389 as in-kind travel contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Her campaign predominantly utilized the services of Advanced Aviation, with a single instance of employing Los Angeles-based Clay Lacy Aviation.

Pelosi initiated payments to Advanced Aviation in October 2020. Since then, her campaign has funneled a total of $659,169 towards private jet travel, as revealed by an examination of her financial filings.

However, Pelosi is not alone, as several other left-leaning committees have also made significant expenditures on private jet travel in recent years.

During the midterm elections, the Democratic National Committee spent $337,903 on such flights, while the DSCC disbursed $223,929.

The Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund — a joint fundraising initiative comprising all 50 state Democratic parties, the DNC, and the District of Columbia Democratic Committee — allocated $94,164 towards private jet travel.

Advanced Aviation emerged as the preferred provider for these Democratic committees as well.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.