Pelosi Struggles to Contain Radical Progressives

Americans have collectively tired of progressives’ endless vows and moves to impeach President Trump. Anyone who is honest with themselves knows that it’s not going to happen. First and foremost, the president has not committed any impeachable offenses; secondly, Democrats have tried numerous times to bring impeachment articles against Trump. Each endeavor has resulted in failure. The fact of the matter is that abhorring a president or a president’s tweets does not serve as grounds for impeachment.

As radical progressives come to the realization that President Trump will never be impeached, they are beginning to turn on moderates within their own party. Many moderate Democrats are considerably less inclined to support impeachment than their progressive counterparts; this is a reality which progressives view as problematic and grounds for censure.

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Fox News reports that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has urged progressive lawmakers against going after Democrats who are not in favor of impeaching the president of the United States.

Pelosi’s Message to the Progressive Wing

In a nutshell, Pelosi maintains that it is not conducive for progressive lawmakers to go after their colleagues who aren’t on board with impeachment. This analysis comes as Pelosi has battled with various outspoken House caucus members, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The relationship between progressive Democrats and moderate Democrats has been on edge lately, seeing as both sides harbor notably contrasting outlooks on the best direct to take the collective Democrat Party.

According to an unnamed source, Pelosi made the following statements while speaking to Democrats on Capitol Hill:

“Do what you have to do for your districts, but don’t disparage those who are not for [impeachment]. [Don’t] make it a thing about their patriotism or lack thereof if they are not for it. “

Pelosi also stated that the inference that impeaching President Trump is constitutional “implies that those of us who don’t support it are not following the Constitution.”

More on Pelosi

At this point in time, it is very obvious that Pelosi is trying to regain control over certain members of the Democrat Party. Unfortunately for her, it might be too little too late. Progressives have fundamentally taken over and reshaped the manner in which Americans view Democrats. It seems as though Pelosi and other moderates within the party are just now realizing the liability of progressives.

The House Speaker has also taken heat from progressives for failing to aggressively support the impeachment of President Trump.

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