Pelosi Says Trump Needs to be "More Presidential"

Tensions have continued to mount between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi over the course of this week. Pelosi’s various accusations and claims that the president is goading Democrats to impeach him and engaging in a “cover-up” have largely contributed to these hostilities.

The American people aren’t amused and many are wondering when Pelosi will get her act together and work with the president. However, it seems as though the House Speaker isn’t prepared to do this.

As a matter of fact, Pelosi believes Trump should be “more presidential” before she decides to do her job and work with him, as documented by Fox News.

Nancy Pelosi on Working with President Trump

Following Pelosi’s repeated attacks on him, President Trump stated that the House Speaker has “lost it” and become “a mess.”

Shortly thereafter, Pelosi proved his point by taking to Twitter and posting the following message about working with the president:

Failed Meeting Between Trump and Democrats

On Wednesday, the president and Democrat leaders were set to engage in talks regarding infrastructure. However, this meeting rapidly fell apart when Democrats failed to relent with their ceaseless investigations into the Trump administration.

Later after this occurrence, Pelosi announced to the press that President Trump was confrontational and banged his hand on a table before walking out on the meeting. However, the president maintains that he was collected throughout his time with the Democrat leaders.

In Trump’s own words:

At this point in time, it remains to be seen how long Pelosi will continue to refuse to do her job and work with the president of the United States.

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