Pelosi Endorses Biden for President Despite Credible Rape Allegation

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden is facing a series of challenges, despite his status as the Democrat Party’s assumptive nominee. Aside from Biden’s tendency to stammer, lose his train of thought and misremember dates and names of world leaders, these are merely a fraction of his problems.
To date, the former vice president is facing a credible rape allegation from former political staffer Tara Reade. Reade, who worked for Biden in the 1990s, claims that Biden forced himself on her and penetrated her with his fingers. Moreover, a 1993 call-in to Larry King Live from Reade’s mother significantly substantiates Reade’s claims against Biden.

Despite the credible rape allegation against Biden, Democrats don’t seem to care. The former vice president has gotten prominent leftists from the 44th president to his former 2020 rivals to back his candidacy. Earlier this morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed Biden for president via Twitter.

Why Pelosi Wants Biden for President

In the House Speaker’s endorsement of Joe Biden, she professed that the former vice president is a “voice of reason and resilience.” Pelosi also praised Biden’s past few decades in politics, claiming that the presumptive Democrat nominee is a fighter for healthcare, families, and kids’ futures.

In her endorsement, the House Speaker also made a point to praise Biden’s character. According to Pelosi, Biden possesses “values and integrity.” At no time in her praise of the former vice president did Pelosi so much as mention Tara Reade or Reade’s troubling, yet conceivable allegations against Biden.
The former vice president has since responded to Pelosi’s endorsement via Twitter. Biden, in his own words, is “incredibly honored” to receive the Speaker’s endorsement. Likewise, Biden claimed that he and Pelosi can “together” restore the (Un)Affordable Care Act and “transform” the United States of America.

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