Pelosi Breaks from Democrats Urging Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

With Joe Biden as president, Democrats are eager to push through their agenda at all costs. This is why, months ago, Democrats moved to expand the Supreme Court; in doing this, Democrats falsely claimed that Republicans set the precedent of packing the court. 

Biden’s presidency has also emboldened Democrats in other regards. Right now, the progressive wing of the party is very much in favor of Biden doing away with student loan debt. This is something that came up frequently during the 2020 presidential election; it’s also a matter that many leftists believe would be a positive step. 

Of course, Democrats have missed the mark yet again. As it turns out, their beloved President Biden does not have the legal reach to forgive the student loan debts that people willingly took on. Even Nancy Pelosi, a staunch leftist and the current House Speaker, admitted as much days ago, as Newsmax reports.

Pelosi on Biden and Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

During a Wednesday press conference, the Democrat House Speaker made some remarks that members of her party are not going to care for. Pelosi stated that no president has the legal authority that permits them to erase student loan debt.

Likewise, Pelosi pointed out that only Congress has this type of reach; however, Biden (such as any other president) does have the mean to delay the due dates of debt payments. However, he cannot do away with the debt altogether, something that multiple leftists have been calling for over a period of months. 

Finally, the House Speaker noted that she doesn’t care for the term “forgiveness” in relation to student debt; according to Pelosi, this implies a sort of wrongdoing, something that isn’t applicable to student loans. 

Following these statements on Wednesday, some leftists took to social media, asserting that Biden does have the power to end student loans in America. One individual cited the 1965 Higher Education Act while making this claim and referring to Speaker Pelosi as “dishonest.” 

Will Other Democrat Leaders Get the Memo? 

Democrat congressional leaders to the tune of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and others have been some of the loudest voices calling to eliminate student loan debt. Pelosi and Schumer work very closely together; therefore, it is quite interesting to see the divide between these two on the matter. 

Whether or not other Democrat leaders get the memo on student loan debt and the reality of presidential limitations remains to be seen. However, it is worth noting that Pelosi’s remarks on loan debt mirror statements made by the Trump administration on this issue several months prior. 

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