Parler Pulled from Google Play Store, App Store

"Google Play Store" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Bram.Koster

The popular, free speech site known as Parler is under attack like never before.
Three days ago, a group of Trump loyalists descended upon the U.S. Capitol, following a Save America rally in Washington D.C. The attack on the Capitol happened and led to destruction of property, vandalism, loss of life, and lawmakers having to either hide from demonstrators or evacuate the premises.

“Capitol Hill, Washington” (CC BY 2.0) by johrling

Republicans and Democrats alike have condemned these events; however, the left is deadset on claiming that President Trump and conservatives are responsible. Some folks, therefore, turned their rage to Parler, an alternative to Twitter that’s increasingly popular with conservatives.
On Friday, Parler was pulled from the Google Play Store and App Store, confirms Breitbart News.

The Big Tech Blacklist of Parler

Due to Parler’s popularity with conservatives and Trump supporters, leftists have never liked it. They’ve sought to spread lies and falsehoods about the site; sadly, Wednesday’s events at the U.S. Capitol provided the ideal opportunity for Parler haters.
Some people are alleging that Parler users employed the site as a means of “organizing” the riots in Capitol Hill earlier this week; therefore, Apple and Google called for Parler to alter their moderation rules in a way that would do away with “objectionable” content.

A letter from Apple to Parler also explained that upon doing away with said “objectionable” content, the free speech site must provide a “revised binary” for the site to overview within 24 hours. Apple then threatened to remove Parler from the App Store if the aforementioned demands weren’t met.
Apple and Google Play, after banning Parler from their app stores, stated that organization of violence and lawlessness breaches their rules. What they didn’t mention, however, is that no functions on Parler allow for mass organization or mobilization.
In fact, other apps on Apple and Google Play, such as Facebook and Twitter, have group features that have been used to organize protests and riots gone violent; yet, Facebook and Twitter still remain on the Google Play and App Stores. Parler, on the other hand, does not have the aforementioned group features.

Setting the Record Straight on Parler

Parler CEO John Matze has described the platform as a “neutral town square” which does adhere to the law. Parler’s own member agreement rules furthermore prohibit “unlawful conduct” and endeavors which infringe upon the legal rights of others.

Leftists have long sought to portray Parler as some vicious hub of evil, racism, and extremism; this is simply not the case. Despite Google Play and Apple removing Parler from their app stores, people who already downloaded the app on their devices may be able to access it still; others who are having trouble can go to the Parler website on their own web browsers.
In light of the actions taken against Parler yesterday, some supporters of the platform have begun purchasing merchandise on
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