Parler Expected to Return Before February 2021

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Earlier this month, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the App Store, and Google Play removed Parler from their platforms.
The removals followed after these big tech companies charged that Parler failed to appropriately moderate and remove violent content; critics of the Parler de-platforming have since argued that AWS, Apple, and Google are unfairly targeting Parler due to its competition against mainstream social media platforms and popularity amongst right-wingers.

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Many leftists celebrated when the aforementioned companies revoked their services from Parler; although, Parler CEO John Matze and Parler co-owner Dan Bongino informed that the site would be back online soon.
As of this morning, the free speech site’s home page is live and has a message to “lovers and haters.” Per Matze, Parler could be fully operational and online again before February 2021, Washington Examiner confirms.

The Comeback of Parler

Many conservatives have flocked to Parler and regularly used the social media platform. The site bills itself as a free-speech platform that doesn’t track its users or shut down differences of opinions. Right-wingers who loved Parler and were not happy to see it go may soon be thrilled about the site’s comeback.

According to Parler’s CEO, he is “confident” that the platform will be fully back online before next month. Matze additionally noted that “significant progress” is underway each day, pointing out the new message that appears on the site’s home page. Right now, Parler is presently being hosted by Epik, following the removal from AWS.

The Flawed “Violent Content” Argument

Leftists and others who dislike Parler for its popularity with conservatives argue that the site’s “violent content” poses a danger.
Unfortunately, though, Amazon Web Services, Apple, and Google are not holding mainstream platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, to the same standards which they’re holding Parler. This is where the hypocrisy comes in.

On Facebook, groups like Antifa have banned together and organized to loot and burn down cities; yet, they haven’t been removed from Apple, Google Play, or AWS. Many people have used Twitter to tweet out death threats against the president and conservatives; yet, Twitter hasn’t suffered any de-platforming.
Parler is not going away. Holding the free speech site to completely different standards than which Facebook and Twitter are held speaks volumes. It additionally gives merit to Matze’s argument that AWS, Apple, and Google are more concerned with eliminating competition to mainstream tech platforms than stopping violence.
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