Over Seven in Ten Americans Oppose Higher Taxes from Leftist Spending


Radical Democrats in Congress are hard at work to ramp up spending. They’re trying to pass Biden’s $3.5 trillion legislation that will heighten taxes on people, businesses, and families nationwide.

The Biden administration and allies of the president in Congress are also lying to the American public. Democrats and this White House want the public to believe $3.5 trillion legislation carries a $0.00 tag on the national deficit and the American public.

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Despite what the radical left wants to believe, they’re not fooling very many people. The notion that $3.5 trillion equals $0.00 is not a stretch; it’s an outright lie and no one with integrity or a working brain is buying it.

Now, a fresh poll from Trafalgar Group shows that more than seven in ten Americans oppose higher taxes from leftist spending, per Newsmax.

A Lack of Support for Reckless Spending

Americans are seeing the unfortunate ramifications of reckless, leftist spending. The nation is weeks away from potentially defaulting on things like military payments, tax credits, and more.

This comes on top of current inflation and the future projections showing that inflation isn’t ending anytime soon. This could play a role in the new Trafalgar Group poll showing 71.5% of Americans aren’t as likely to back spending if it means worsening the national debt and increasing taxes.

Over seven in ten Independent and unaffiliated voters, along with over nine in ten Republican voters, have this view. Even 50.2% of Democrat voters also maintain this outlook.

This is very clear cut; Americans have seen enough of what comes from spending and wasteful fiscal decisions from the federal government. The middle of this month could very well have America reach the current federal debt limit unless some changes are made.

Time to Face Facts

There is no scenario in which $3.5 trillion evens out to $0.00. It simply does not make sense or add up. Americans know this.

This is why over 50% of Democrats, Independents, unaffiliated, and Republican voters are less likely to back spending legislation that increases taxes and national debt. With inflation on the rise and all the other problems currently underway, it’s impossible not to face these facts.

The reality of Biden’s failure is why his poll numbers are going further and further down the toilet. He’s lost Independent voters nationwide; meanwhile, even some Democrats (like moderate Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin) are realizing that Biden’s gone too far.

The longer this president and his allies keep trying to deceive the American public into thinking $3.5 trillion = $0.00, the more people will wake up to the large con being run.

What do you think about the massive lack of support for Democrats increasing taxes and running up the national debt with their social spending packages? Let us know below in the comments section.