Our Nation’s Most Pressing Issue Tends to Get Lawmakers Riled Up

Representatives Jamaal Bowman and Thomas Massie engaged in a heated discussion regarding gun control as the rest of the lawmakers were voting on a motion in the House.

The focus of the dispute was the most recent shooting in Nashville, TN. An armed assailant shot and killed three nine-year-olds and three adults at a private Christian school last week.

They’re taking away your liberties, one by one

Bowman abandoned voting to appear before the press, pleading with them to go after Republican lawmakers who are unwilling to pass the firearm restrictions that the left is ever so persistently proposing.

Bowman went on to call his conservative colleagues a bunch of cowards who won’t do anything to save the lives of American children, almost as if the GOP isn’t trying to defend our nation’s children from several things.

He demanded the press continue their harassment of Republicans until they explain why they’re not doing anything about gun control, asking for explanations until the 2024 election season rolls around.

Thankfully, Republican Representative Thomas Massie followed Bowman outside to see what the hell he was talking about, giving some inside info on how these shootings unfold.

Libs need a reality check…who knew?

Massie countered Bowman’s arguments by presenting the crowd with the fact shootings never occur in a school that actually allows teachers to carry, which only further provoked Bowman.

Instead of accepting defeat and admitting he’d been skewing the numbers out of proportion, Bowman decided to take the standard Democratic route, spinning the story back on Massie, claiming more guns would only lead to more violence.

For some reason, liberals just can’t seem to comprehend that guns can be used to defend, rather than just exert deadly force upon others.

It’s concerning that they’re unable to accept a teacher carrying a firearm would discourage many potential school shooters from committing such horrible acts.

Not a single bullet would even have to be fired, as the mere presence of a gun would have everyone reconsider once or twice before trying to shoot up a classroom.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.