Oregon Weaponizes CPS Against Struggling Small Business Owner

"Oregon State Capitol HDR 1" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by fusionpanda

Shutdowns in response to coronavirus have revealed some chilling and sobering realities about power-hungry Democrats.
As stay-at-home directives linger on, it only becomes more apparent that these directives are about power and control, not public health. When governors first began locking down their states, they claimed it was all about flattening the curve.
Right now, the curve is so flat that nurses and other healthcare employees are getting laid off. Nevertheless, Democrat governors like Oregon’s Kate Brown persist with their unconstitutional shutdowns.

Shutdowns are having devastating impacts on small business owners across America. These hardworking, decent Americans are going weeks and weeks without any income, as their savings rapidly dwindle down to nothing. Because of this reality, some business owners are reopening on their own volition to feed their families.
Sadly, small business owners who do reopen out of desperation are facing attacks from their state governments. This is what happened to Oregon salon owner Lindsey Graham, as documented by Breitbart News.

The State of Oregon vs. Small Business Owners

Lindsey Graham, the owner of Oregon-based Glamour Salon shared her story during an interview with Breitbart News Sunday. During this discussion, Graham detailed the experience she had when Child Protective Service (CPS) visited her home on the same day that she reopened Glamour Salon.
Graham maintains that an officer visited her home and spoke to her nanny immediately after she left for work. Days later, CPS came to her home, alleging they’d received reports of her home being unfit for her daughter and two sons. CPS then proceeded to search Graham’s home, view inside her cabinets, lift her toilet seat, and separately interview Graham, her kids, and her husband.

Later in the interview with Breitbart, Graham cited any alleged claims against the fitness of her home as “false” before noting that each job is essential because it provides a living. The small business owner furthermore noted that she is “continually terrified” for the number of businesses that could fall into bankruptcy due to Gov. Brown’s Executive Order.
What do you think about Oregon weaponizing Child Protective Services against a small business owner? How much further will the tyranny go before it is ended? Let us know in the comments section below!