Oregon Police Sue Democrat Governor Over COVID Vaccine Mandate


Democrat leaders have largely rallied behind COVID vaccine mandates and forcing people to get these risky, rushed vaccines whether they like it or not. The good news is that as the mandates keep coming, so do the realizations that this is all about control, not health.

Many police officers, first responders, and other city workers are facing orders from Democrat mayors and governors to take the vaccine. However, many of these folks are pushing back, warning that they’ll quit their jobs before getting immunized against COVID.

This is certainly the case in Oregon. Democrat Governor Kate Brown is presently facing a lawsuit over her COVID vaccine mandate. The lawsuit in question comes from firefighter and police organizations, as Townhall documents.

Oregon First Responders vs. Governor Brown

Klamath Falls firefighters, Oregon State Police, and the Fraternal Order of Police are the entities suing the Democrat governor and the state of Oregon. The lawsuit furthermore states that Governor Brown’s executive order mandating the COVID vaccine breaches First Amendment rights.

Some places with vaccine mandates have accepted negative COVID tests as substitutes; however, the Democrat governor of Oregon doesn’t even do that. Instead, Brown decreed that healthcare workers, state workers, school staff, volunteers, etc., must get the coronavirus vaccine by October 18 or six weeks following the FDA’s green light on the shot.

The lawsuit against Brown describes this type of order as unconscionable and also in violation of the Oregon Constitution and the Constitution of the United States. Sadly, the Oregon governor has chosen to follow in the footsteps of other Democrat leaders pushing blanket mandates with no regard for the reasons one might not want a COVID vaccine.

Resistance Against Tyranny

Oregon police and firefighters are far from the only ones committed to resisting tyranny. Some Los Angeles firefighters are also opposing the citywide COVID vaccine mandate. The same applies to Chicago police officers who blasted Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot for announcing a COVID vaccine mandate for city workers.

This sends a very clear message, even if tyrants aren’t capable of seeing it just yet. The harder they push, the more resistance they create. If people behind these mandates don’t understand that what they’re doing is leading to more pushback and less trust in the COVID vaccine, then they’re not paying attention.

Most people don’t like being coerced or railroaded into doing things. It’s not a good feeling and it certainly doesn’t inspire trust. If Democrat leaders continue down the road of sweeping COVID vaccine mandates, they will continue to face blowback in various forms.

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