Open Carry May Soon Become Legal in Florida

The gun control agenda from the left is in full swing right now. At this moment, the current president is someone who promised to “defeat” the National Rifle Association; before that, Biden spent decades in Congress working to make things harder for law-abiding gun owners.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to protect the Second Amendment and block any moves by Democrats to trample on Americans’ right to bear arms.

Very recently, Democrats in Congress tried to sneak anti-gun legislation into a military funding bill. However, after getting some pushback, Republicans stopped this dead in its tracks.

Not too long ago, Texas officially made open carry legal in the state. Now, a new development shows that Florida could be the newest state to legalize open carry.

The Possibility of Open Carry in Florida

Right now, the state of Florida permits concealed carry, given that the individual carrying has a government-issued concealed carry/weapons permit. However, as multiple other states have open carry laws, there is a push for the Sunshine State to allow this as well.

GOP Representative Anthony Sabatini has introduced legislation that would permit Floridians to open carry and do so without a permit. If the bill is able to garner enough support in the Florida state legislature, it could pass in 2022.

However, time will ultimately tell what becomes of open carry and whether or not Florida gun owners can freely carry firearms without concealing them.

The Case for Open Carry

The debate of concealed carry vs. open carry remains alive and well. Democrats obviously oppose open carry; however, there are also certain Republicans and gun owners with qualms about open carry.

With that being said, there is definitely a strong case for open carry. The reality of open carry having a stronger likelihood of deterring attacks and mass shooters is one significant factor.

It’s well-established at this point that criminals intentionally target gun-free zones. Therefore, logic asserts that zones where people are heavily and openly armed are also less likely to experience attacks.

Schools are tragically common targets of mass shooters; after all, these shooters know that virtually no one will be armed. Meanwhile, you pretty much never hear about mass shooters targeting gun shops and police precincts, both places where people are famously (and often openly) armed.

These folks know that places like gun shops and police precincts are crawling with armed individuals. Hence, they would have virtually no chance of doing real harm before being subdued. Many Floridians are supportive of open carry and hopeful that Rep. Sabatini’s bill will pass into law.

Do you think Florida should join the list of states that permits open carry of firearms without the presence of a license? We want your feedback on this hot button issue down below in the comments section.