Open Borders Activists Just Found a New Way To Undermine ICE

The fight for legal immigration and border security remains very much ongoing. While the president and his administration are working overtime to build his promised border wall and enforce existing immigration laws, open borders activists are pushing to undermine Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, open borders supporters are urging banks to withdraw or reduce funding from private prisons. Ultimately, those who favor illegal immigration see this as a way to further complicate the jobs of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

The Push to Defund Private Prisons

Individuals who defend illegal immigration believe that entering this country ought to be a “right.” Apparently, they have not yet learned that America deserves the right to grant or deny entry to anyone who wishes to come in.
The fact of the matter is that immigration is a privilege, not a right; when people sneak across the Southern border or otherwise enter the nation illegally, that is a crime. The left’s refusal to come to terms with this fact is astonishing, but nevertheless, they are making their push for illegal immigration very apparent.
In order to carry out this goal, they must first weaken Immigration and Customs Enforcement. For this reason, open borders activists are now pushing for banks to remove funding from private prisons. Interestingly enough, roughly 66% of illegal immigrants are held in privately-funding facilities following their apprehension at the Southern border. If the left had their way, the funding for these facilities would be pulled, leaving Immigration and Customs Enforcement incapable of doing their jobs.

The War on ICE

The war on Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been underway for quite some time. Somewhere along the line, Democrats stopped caring about immigration laws. They would rather have people just pour into the country rather than secure the borders and ensure that laws on the books are being adhered to and enforced. The left’s stance on illegal immigration is very unfortunate, but America will never become a country of open borders.
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