Only 42% of Americans Want "Warp Speed" COVID-19 Vaccine

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During this month alone, talk about a coronavirus vaccine continues to materialize and make headlines.
Experts maintain that the vaccine for coronavirus is being developed at “warp speed.” Generally, years and years are required to pass before a vaccine is produced, tested, and brought to market; although, even then, issues can still arise.

However, medical experts and others remain confident that a vaccine for coronavirus will become available by the end of this year or in 2021.
With that in mind, fewer Americans than anticipated are interested in actually getting the “warp speed” vaccine, according to Townhall.

Why Aren’t Americans Rushing to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine?

Many Americans have concerns about the speed in which the vaccine is being rushed to market.
Critics of a “warp speed” vaccination for this virus maintain that putting a hurry on the shot increases the likelihood of injuries or ineffectiveness. Some Americans have also suggested that they may wait awhile until after the COVID-19 vaccine arrives to see how people initially react to it.

According to a new YouGov/Yahoo News, only 42% of Americans have committed to taking the vaccine. Right now, specialists maintain that in order for the vaccination to truly reach effectiveness, 60% of people need the shot. However, when massive amounts of Americans don’t trust the vaccine, this decreases the likelihood that six out of ten people will get the shot.
Despite Americans’ concerns about a rushed coronavirus vaccination, scientists and vaccine producers have made no indication of slowing anything down.

A Push to Mandate the Coronavirus Vaccine

Amid record numbers of Americans who are concerned about the COVID-19 vaccine, there’s already a push to force the vaccination on people whether they like it or not.
Yesterday, doctors wrote an op-ed calling for compulsory vaccinations, removal of vaccine exemptions, and certification cards for immunized persons. The USA Today opinion piece also asserted that societal punishments should befall people who choose not to get the vaccine.

Such claims are already facing heavy politicization. Many Americans see forced vaccination as an infringement upon civil liberties; people have also suggested that there is danger in allowing the medical community to force healthcare decisions upon others.
Will you be willing to get a coronavirus vaccine when it arrives later this year or in 2021? Do you believe that specialists are rushing the vaccination to market? Let us know in the comments section below!