Only 22% of Americans Believe Biden Will Unify the Nation

"210120-D-WD757-2474" (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Biden’s actions since assuming the presidency are not unifying the nation; they’re merely adding to division and furthering the gap between Republicans and Democrats.
Look no further than Biden ending thousands of union, blue-collar jobs by removing the construction permit for Keystone pipeline. Virtually no Democrats take issue with this; yet, Republicans are largely pointing out that Biden stopped thousands of jobs in the midst of widespread economic turmoil.

“210120-D-WD757-2390” (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The 46th president’s violation of his own mask mandate is also engendering criticism from Republicans, yet crickets from Democrats. Democrats, who are collectively some of the biggest champions of masks and mask mandates, are silent about Biden appearing at the Lincoln Memorial maskless…after signing a mask mandate via executive order.
In light of the details above and more, most Americans do not believe Biden will unify the United States, according to Breitbart News.

The ABC News and Ipsos Poll

According to a fresh poll from ABC News and Ipsos, merely 22% of U.S. citizens maintain a “great deal of confidence” in Biden’s capability to unify a severely divided nation. The poll’s findings also showed that 24% of the nation has zero confidence in Biden’s ability to unify America.

The details from the aforementioned poll are the first to arrive since the 46th president’s inauguration into office. During Biden’s inaugural speech, he talked about the importance of bipartisanship; although, in his own administration, he has yet to hire any Republican cabinet members.
Hence, conservatives are regular critics of Biden and his administration for their failures to bring Americans together thus far.

The Reality of Unity in America

Unifying the nation can’t happen when a president passes radical socialist policies that kill thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen. The Biden administration continues to prove that appeasing their far-left base is far more important to them than unifying the country.

Democrats moving ahead with the impeachment of a former president also isn’t unifying; yet, Biden came out in favor of the Trump impeachment trial set to begin in about two weeks. The 46th president has also ignored calls from House and Senate Republicans who implored him to call off the continuation of impeachment proceedings for the sake of unity.
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