Omar: Trump COVID-19 Press Conferences "Disturbing" to View

"Ilhan Omar" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, President Trump and the coronavirus task force have engaged in daily White House press conferences. These conferences provide critical information to Americans regarding COVID-19, developments on the fight against it, CDC guidelines and more.

While Republicans and Democrats alike have praised President Trump’s actions in the fight against coronavirus, many of his most outspoken critics remain displeased. One of the latest to voice her disapproval is socialist House Rep. Ilhan Omar.
The congresswoman took to Twitter yesterday afternoon, stating that the president’s daily White House press conferences are “disturbing” to watch and ripe with falsehoods.

Ilhan Omar on Her Grievances with COVID-19 Press Briefings

By her own admission, Omar believes that the president, doctors, and other members of the coronavirus task force are lying. In her tweet, the far-left representative alleged that “the lies and spins” disturb her, along with the Americans who deem “this insane stuff” as accurate.

Omar’s commentary about the White House coronavirus press briefings is quite curious. We’ve reached a point where leaders on both sides of the aisle are calling for Americans to heed the warnings of the experts.
Many of the referred-to experts are included in the COVID-19 press briefings that Omar has branded as a “trainwreck.” Does this mean Omar isn’t listening to the experts and, instead, arriving at her own conclusions?

What’s Truly Most Disturbing About COVID-19?

It’s unfortunate that Omar views the White House press briefings as more disturbing than rampant surges of joblessness and unemployment files. Coronavirus certainly plays a role in the economic decline, but stay-at-home orders and shelter-in-place lockdowns are also culpable.

When the government tells massive numbers of people they can’t work because their jobs are supposedly “non-essential,” economic harm is an inevitable consequence; each and every job that pays bills and puts food on tables is essential. The fact that Omar chooses to rant over coronavirus press conferences rather than the plight of struggling Americans speaks immense volumes.
What do you think about President Trump’s White House coronavirus press briefings? How do you foresee the significant economic decline impacting our nation as a whole? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!