Omar to Trump: Criminal Justice System Designed to Aid "People Like You!"

Since the inception of Donald Trump’s entry into the political arena, Democrats have been referring to him as a racist. They did it throughout the 2016 presidential election and they’ve done it every day since his victory over Hillary Clinton. In truth, Trump is not a racist individual; however, Democrats are the ones who choose to use race as a strategy to divide people.

Yesterday, House Rep. Ilhan Omar made some very interesting statements regarding matters that she clearly knows nothing about. Per reports from Breitbart News, Omar took to Twitter and spewed inflammatory remarks about Trump and the criminal justice system.

Rep. Ilhan Omar for Congress - Twin Citi by Tony Webster, on Flickr

Rep. Ilhan Omar for Congress – Twin Citi” (CC BY 2.0) by Tony Webster

In a response to a report about Trump’s take on the impeachment inquiry, Omar declared that the criminal justice system is rigged against brown and black Americans; she then went on to allege that the same criminal justice system is also designed to give “people like [Trump]” a free pass.

Reviewing Omar’s Statements on Trump and the Criminal Justice System

On Friday, the president delivered remarks at Benedict College after being honored for his work on criminal justice reform. When speaking, Trump noted that the treasonous impeachment inquiry has aided him in having a better understanding of the criminal justice system. Moreover, the president pointed out that the partisan-driven inquiry is “an investigation in search of a crime.”

For some unknown reason, this caused congresswoman Omar to go on Twitter and made racially incendiary comments. The House Democrat falsely declared that the entire criminal justice system is designed to target people who are brown and black. Then, she went on to state that the criminal justice system strives for “people like Trump” to be awarded a “pass.”

See for yourself:

Once again, a Democrat jumps at the opportunity to play the race card and divide Americans on the basis of skin color. It’s not shocking at this point; however, what’s deeply unfortunate is that Omar is able to sit within the chambers of Congress.

It’s a complete and utter travesty, especially in light of her political track record and the ways in which Omar has chosen to conduct herself.

Myths of Racism Within the Criminal Justice System

The narrative of the Democrats claims that brown and black Americans are inherent victims of the criminal justice system. The facts, however, state otherwise.

A person’s actions, the nature of their transgressions, prior run-ins with the law, etc., will each impact the outcome which any individual of any race has. Despite what Omar and her far-left, looney socialist allies might believe, the criminal justice system is not rigged for or against any race.

NY Statue of Liberty by Celso Flores, on Flickr

NY Statue of Liberty” (CC BY 2.0) by Celso Flores

There are plenty of individuals of all colors who never have run-ins with the law. Not committing crimes is always an option; however, if you tell that to Democrats, they’ll simply call you “classist” or otherwise insinuate that poverty justifies criminal activity.

What do you think about Omar’s claim that the criminal justice system is rigged in favor of “people like [Trump]?” Don’t hold back in the comments section down below!