Omar Says Trump Wants to Deport All People of Color

Progressives continue to spread lies about President Trump and his immigration policies. This is something which people should prepare to see more of, especially as the 2020 presidential election continues. For some reason, it is just impossible for the left to comprehend the notion of legal immigration. Already, various left-wing, presidential candidates are calling for the decriminalization of illegal immigration.

The lies which are being spread continue to come from the most outspoken Democrats. Rep. Ilhan Omar, 1/4th of “The Squad” has proceeded to feud with the president and spread mistruths about where he stands on immigration.

These lies are being spread because Democrats ultimately have no credible alternatives to legal and merit-based immigration. Therefore, they are reduced to peddling lies and claiming that the president is a racist. Omar proved as much when she claimed via Twitter that deporting black and brown people is the endgame of Trump-era immigration policies.

Reviewing Omar’s Latest Lie about Trump-Era Immigration Reform

Omar and other freshmen Democrats have been ensnared in a back-and-forth with President Trump. The president has censured “The Squad” for their very troubling statements since getting into Congress.

These statements include, but are not limited to, calling for the abolition of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), claiming that American politicians are paid to support Israel, dismissing 9/11 as “some people did something,” and so much more. In order to deflect from valid criticism, progressives have responded by accusing Trump of racism.

Omar did not deviate from this pattern whatsoever during yesterday’s dishonest tweet about the immigration policies of President Trump.

See for yourself:

The Truth about President Trump’s Immigration Policies

The president’s immigration policies have not changed. Come to America legally or do not come at all. It’s literally and factually that simple. This is something which Democrats don’t want to acknowledge and ultimately, the left-wing wants open borders and illegal immigration at will. This is why they continue to demonize anyone who supports legal, merit-based immigration.

It’s also important to note that tolerance of illegal immigration has led to the ongoing issues at the Southern border. This is another relevant factor which Democrats continue to ignore and paint as racism perpetuated by President Trump.

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