Omar Lectures Voters about the "Expectations" of God


Over the course of House Rep. Ilhan Omar’s time in office, she’s gained infamy by making questionable and downright concerning statements about this country and the people in this country. Some of Omar’s most troubling commentary involves, but is not limited to, dismissing 9/11 as “some people did something,” demonizing Border Patrol officials, and alleging that politicians of the United States are paid off to support Israel. These statements have understandably landed Omar in hot water every time, but she doesn’t seem to care all that much.

Days ago, Omar actually took it upon herself to lecture American citizens about “[doing] the righteous work” of God. These remarks came during Omar’s speech at the Plight Of Black Immigrants forum in Washington D.C. Apparently, she somehow came to the conclusion that she’s the one who should be lecturing people on what’s right and what’s not.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports Omar’s claim that God only wants Americans to vote for those who will help them.

Reviewing Omar’s Statements on God and Voting

Why Omar believes she’s qualified on anything relating to God or how people should be voting is a mystery. The fact that Omar is even serving in the House is also a mystery and a cause for concern, in light of her behavior. Nevertheless, her commentary on voting, what God wants, and how voters should select their candidates reads as follows:

“Make sure you are voting. Make sure you understand why you are voting, and make sure you understand who you are voting for. Yes, God has obligations to all of us, but God expects us to do the righteous work. So God does not expect you to vote for people who will ultimately hurt you and other humans around you!”

Why Omar Should Not Preach about Godliness

Omar, of all people, is not the one who should preach about what God does or doesn’t want. This is a congresswoman who repeatedly dismissed the harm of 9/11 and allegedly married her brother in order to bring him into the United States. In recent weeks, there’s also been talk of Omar having an extramarital affair. Each of these things contradicts with what Omar claims God wants.

When it comes to preaching and lecturing others on the merits of godliness, Omar would do very well to just sit this one out.

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