Omar Claims Latinos Can't Compete in Merit-Based Immigration System

Once again, Rep. Ilhan Omar has stuck her foot in her mouth and made yet another statement which was neither well thought-out or grounded in any factual basis.

The congresswoman is currently facing heat after claiming that a merit-based immigration system is “racist” to the Latino community. Of course, it didn’t take long for people to understand the undertones of Omar’s claim and the unfortunate implication that Latino immigrants lack merit, as documented by Fox News.

Reviewing Omar’s Statement

It didn’t take very long for Omar to delete her tweet about a merit-based immigration system being “racist” towards the Latino community. However, the internet lives forever.

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz was able to get a screenshot of Omar’s tweet and as the son of a Cuban immigrant himself, Cruz had a rebuttal to Omar’s statements.

See for yourself:

It’s interesting that Omar deleted her tweet. Now, if she’s asked about it, the congresswoman will undoubtedly say that there’s nothing wrong with what she posted; however, if she was truly comfortable with her message, she wouldn’t have later taken it down.

In and of itself, that proves Omar knows that she messed up.

The Irony of Playing the Race Card

At this point, Omar may already realize it, but her now-deleted tweet is riddled with tragic, political irony. In the attempt to paint the Trump administration and Republican Party as racist, Omar simply proved that she is the real racist.

The idea that Latinos are simply incapable of measuring up to a merit-based immigration system says more about the person who thinks this way than it does about the immigration system itself.

What do you think about Omar’s statements on merit-based immigration? Do you believe her remarks about the Latino community were racist? Let us know in the comments section down below!