Oklahoma Education System Saves Women’s Sports

"SCPA0740" by Oklahoma Christian University

Due to recent changes in sports eligibility rulings in Oklahoma, student-athletes competing in the state’s public school teams will soon be required to fill out a biological sex affidavit to confirm their eligibility.

This change comes on the wave of protests against trans athletes intruding into female categories and completely dominating the competition because of their biological advantages.

This is what brought us Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s “Save Women’s Sports” Act earlier this year.

“TWU Gymnastics Beam – Ready to Compete” by Erin Costa

Maybe not all is lost

The bill declares sports teams must be based on their athletes’ biological sex, disallowing trans individuals to compete within categories not aligned with the gender they were assigned at birth.

The newly implemented requirements are set to be effective from kindergarten through college.

Although in a normal world, one wouldn’t even consider the existence of transgender toddlers; here we are, with the “woke” left pushing the boundaries of reason.

In a recent press conference, Gov. Stitt stated when it comes to sports, it only makes sense for girls to compete against girls and boys against boys, which is exactly what the bill says.

Unfortunately, dozens of left-wing activists, like Erin Matson of “Reproaction,” had something to say about this revolutionary change. This led to the story gaining traction over the weekend through thousands of Twitter reposts and headlines.

Matson goes as far as claiming the bill is nothing more than a “white nationalist agenda” and it goes hand in hand with the anti-LGBT, anti-abortion narratives.

Pushback from the “woke” left

It really is a reach and a half to consider a gender confirmation form something akin to an anti-abortion agenda.

However, that’s never stopped the “woke” mob from taking their questionable opinions online and canceling just about anyone who opposes them.

Thankfully, the bill has received great support from parents in Oklahoma. It’s safeguarded by the fact that up until a child turns 18 years old, their guardian or parent can sign the affidavit for them.

After that, they’re required to sign it themselves, with the form being presented to them at the start of each school year. It’s already being implemented in dozens of other schools across the state.

That’s not to say the bill doesn’t have a couple of hurdles to surpass. Nina Short of Four-States Youth For Equality claims it to be in defiance of the federal law that states students in public schools must be protected from sex and gender-related discrimination.

Fortunately, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona stepped in, adding the DOE also has the responsibility to protect the civil rights of students in public schools.

Given the 1.3 million fewer opportunities female high school athletes have, the bill is more than justified.

Women’s sports have been a hot topic for a while. Now that sports teams may no longer be allowed to let biological males compete in female categories, female athletes across the US will have a better shot at achieving what they worked for.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.