Oklahoma Democrat Admonished For Sheltering Trooper-attacking Fugitive

The Oklahoma House of Representatives has reprimanded a Democrat for sheltering a fugitive accused of assaulting a highway patrol officer.

Rep. Mauree Turner speaks to herself in the plural and is believed to be America’s first “non-binary” Muslim legislator. She will have her committee assignments reinstated if she apologizes, which she has refused to do.

The Assault

On February 28, House Bill 2177 was approved 80-18 along party lines, angering transgender advocates.

Authored by Republican Representatives Kevin West and Jim Olsen, the bill forbids healthcare providers from referring, conducting, or attempting to administer confusion-affirming genital mutilation surgeries and hormone therapies on minors.

According to Tulsa World, the proposal, which was forwarded to the Senate last week, would also prohibit state funding or private insurance from supporting such treatments for anybody.

That includes even adults, who would need to pay for the modifications themselves.

KOKH-TV reported that Republicans underlined that the initiative was intended to safeguard minors from permanent, life-altering transformations.

Rep. J.J. Humphrey was allegedly quoted as comparing undergoing surgery to accommodate the illusion that one is transgender to jumping from a building because one believes he is Superman.

A mob of LGBT activists assembled to see the voting allegedly erupted in fits of hysteria before the ballot, with one individual yelling, “You’re killing children.”

Transsexual activists reportedly threw liquids at Olsen and fellow Republican Representative Bob Ed Culver after the vote.

KFOR stated that Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers stepped and tried to lead the activists out; however, at the fourth-story stairway, one of the radicals hurled fluids at a trooper.

The activist reportedly assaulted the officer as the trooper sought to make an arrest.

The second protester, who had reportedly interfered with the arrest, ran during the attack and sought sanctuary in the office of Democratic Representative Maureen Turner.

Ultimately, both transgender activists engaged in the event were arrested. Savannah Mitchell was accused of throwing liquids at Culver when apprehended at the Capitol.

Austin Ross, the male Turner allegedly sheltered in her office, was arrested on March 6 and charged with abuse and battery on a police officer, according to KOKH-TV.

Victim Card

According to court filings, Ross attempted to thwart Mitchell’s arrest by grasping the trooper’s hands to free his comrade.

On a vote of 81 to 19, the House censured Turner on March 7 for obstructing the restoration of order and reportedly sheltering Ross.

The state House published a statement on March 7, indicating that Turner sheltered a fugitive wanted for interrogation in connection with the alleged attack and refused several requests from law enforcement to interrogate the man.

McCall emphasized that Turner’s behavior was “inappropriate and may be unlawful.”

The Associated Press stated Turner would be removed from all committee responsibilities unless she formally apologizes, particularly to the Highway Patrol.

Turner reiterated she is not apologetic for sheltering a fugitive who reportedly attacked law enforcement officers.

The LGBT activist organization, Human Rights Campaign, stated the state House’s condemnation of Turner constituted extremism, not the alleged transgender activist attacks on police and MPs.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.